Borealis Estoril 300 GMT Black Dial Big Triangle No Date Version I1


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Introducing the Borealis Estoril 300 GMT: The Quintessence of Elegance and Precision for the Global Voyager

Immerse yourself in the refined craftsmanship of the Borealis Estoril 300 GMT, a distinctive piece from the prestigious microbrand Borealis Watch Company. Conceived with the perceptive world explorers and watch enthusiasts in mind, this elegant timepiece is furnished with the advanced Miyota 9075 True GMT movement, allowing effortless hour hand adjustment for impeccable tracking of multiple time zones.

The Estoril 300 GMT parades a captivating sapphire bezel, fortified with a bi-directional ball bearing mechanism, assuring smooth transitions across time zones with just a slight touch. This perfect marriage of elegance and functionality makes it the quintessential choice for intrepid globetrotters and astute professionals alike.

Navigate through dimly lit settings with the mighty BGW9 Superluminova, providing unparalleled visibility on all your expeditions. Achieving a remarkable balance between utility and sophistication, the Borealis Estoril 300 GMT establishes itself as the definitive microbrand timepiece for those who cherish both form and function.

Don't miss the chance to possess an extraordinary timepiece - the Borealis Estoril 300 GMT, your loyal ally in exploring new frontiers.

Watch Specifications:

  • Diameter: 41.50mm

  • Lug to Lug Length: 47mm

  • Thickness: 13.5mm (including domed sapphire crystal)

  • Case: 316L stainless steel with brushed and polished surfaces

  • Lug Width: 20mm

  • Movement: Miyota 9075 GMT

  • Water Resistance: 300m

  • Crystal: Domed Sapphire with inner AR coating

  • Bezel: Bi-directional with ball bearings, Sapphire Crystal

  • Lume: Superluminova BGW9

  • Bracelet: 316L stainless steel bracelet with screws and an updated quick-adjust clasp

Journey into the world of refined exploration with the Borealis Estoril 300 GMT - a symbol of the audacious spirit of the Borealis microbrand. More than a mere timepiece, it embodies your relentless passion for adventure.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Don’t recommend their marketing strategy and customer service.

Dan Brown
Luxury Brand Quality in a Micro Brand

After owning my Estoril 300 GMT for a little over two weeks now, it has not left my wrist. In anticipation of receiving this piece I made a conscious decision to let some of my 'higher end' pieces go, as I was confident that the Estoril 300 GMT would be my go-anywhere-do-anything piece. I was not disappointed in the least, and as a matter of fact, this piece has exceeded my expectations by a long shot.
There is nothing about this watch and bracelet I would change if given an opportunity. To me, the Estoril 300 GMT embodies perfection, and I mean that quite literally. The overall fit and finish of the case, bezel, dial, handset and bracelet is impeccable. Using one of my jeweler's loupes all I see is painstaking attention to detail.
I had read all about Borealis's attention to details and the high quality watches they produce, so I went into this purchase very confident that I would not be disappointed. As I mentioned earlier, what I received was even better than I expected.
Borealis is proof that you can receive a watch with all the quality of a luxury brand from a micro brand for thousands less.
Lastly, my customer service experience with Maria at Borealis was wonderful. She and I emailed back and forth about different things related to my order and she was always timely with her responses, and tremendously gracious, patient and kind. My customer service experience with Borealis was probably the best I've ever experienced.

Dan Brown

Ryan S.
Fantastic watch!

I'm in love! I've always been a fan of the sword hand and classic dial of the 80's issued watches. Add in a true jumping-hour GMT hand and it is the perfect watch for traveling. A big fan of lyre-lug speedy style cases and the bracelet is top notch with a tool-less micro adjusting clasp. It's an amazing watch!

Kenneth Smith
It's a keeper

I am delighted with my watch. It is incredible! Presidential bracelet with dive extension is a game changer. Just a classy and gloriously beautiful watch. Can't take it off my wrist. Very accurate movement. This watch just tick's all the boxes. Great legibility from every angle. I love it. Thankyou. The level of refinement is on another level. I totally trust this great Estoril gmt. I have even made 2 YouTube videos on this watch. I plan to do the same with my Seastorm mkII.

Nice Watch

The Borealis Estoril 300 GMT is very nicely put together, has a good movement in the Miyota 9075, and wears very comfortably thanks to the jubilee-style bracelet. While case finishing is nice, certain areas can be better refined - the milled coin-edge bezel can be sharp and abrasive, and the winding feel for the movement feels a little unrefined. That said, for USD500 it's a good buy and seems to be holding up well for now.