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Based on 363 reviews
Borealis estoril GMT

Great looking watch with very nice legibility in both dial & bazel, bi-directional bazel is so well positioned in every click; bracelet fits well on wrist especially hidden extention make adjustment easy when need during different weather days.

Luxury Brand Quality in a Micro Brand

After owning my Estoril 300 GMT for a little over two weeks now, it has not left my wrist. In anticipation of receiving this piece I made a conscious decision to let some of my 'higher end' pieces go, as I was confident that the Estoril 300 GMT would be my go-anywhere-do-anything piece. I was not disappointed in the least, and as a matter of fact, this piece has exceeded my expectations by a long shot.
There is nothing about this watch and bracelet I would change if given an opportunity. To me, the Estoril 300 GMT embodies perfection, and I mean that quite literally. The overall fit and finish of the case, bezel, dial, handset and bracelet is impeccable. Using one of my jeweler's loupes all I see is painstaking attention to detail.
I had read all about Borealis's attention to details and the high quality watches they produce, so I went into this purchase very confident that I would not be disappointed. As I mentioned earlier, what I received was even better than I expected.
Borealis is proof that you can receive a watch with all the quality of a luxury brand from a micro brand for thousands less.
Lastly, my customer service experience with Maria at Borealis was wonderful. She and I emailed back and forth about different things related to my order and she was always timely with her responses, and tremendously gracious, patient and kind. My customer service experience with Borealis was probably the best I've ever experienced.

Dan Brown

Fantastic watch!

I'm in love! I've always been a fan of the sword hand and classic dial of the 80's issued watches. Add in a true jumping-hour GMT hand and it is the perfect watch for traveling. A big fan of lyre-lug speedy style cases and the bracelet is top notch with a tool-less micro adjusting clasp. It's an amazing watch!


the bracelet is well made ... perhaps too well 🤔🤔🤔 ... given that it was impossible for me to remove the pins of the links to shorten it (I broke two extractors in vain) and also the slide link of the clasp cannot be lifted to let it slide. To my disappointment I will have to take it to my watchmaker to have it shortened. For the rest it is a good watch, even if at the time of purchase it was not sufficiently highlighted that what was paid at the time was only 50% of the cost of the watch and that the same would be paid before shipping. A kind of "false advertising" perhaps unintentional, of course I can't know, but this was certainly the effect at the time of my purchase since I hadn't noticed it.

Dear Antonio,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review of the Borealis Estoril 300 GMT. We are pleased to hear that you appreciate the quality of the watch.

Regarding your concerns about the bracelet, we would like to emphasize that the Estoril 300 GMT features a bracelet designed with screws for durability and security. This design choice, while robust, does require a specific approach for adjustment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are more than willing to provide assistance or guidance in this regard.

On the point of the payment process, we want to assure you and our future customers that the terms of the pre-order were presented in a clear and conspicuous manner on the product page. Our goal is to maintain transparency in all our customer transactions. We understand that misunderstandings can occur and we are committed to providing clarity and support throughout the purchasing process.

We value your feedback, as it is crucial in our journey to continuously improve our products and services. If you have any further queries or need assistance, our team is here to help.

Borealis Watch Company

Outstanding Value

This watch has absolutely blown me away with the quality to cost. The watch runs beautifully, the fit and finish it unreal, and the lume is brighter than many of my watches that are twice to three times as expensive. I'm very impressed with it and I believe choosing the Miyota movement was the right choice. Having a True GMT compared to the seiko is much better for me.

Beautiful Design

Really nice watch. Big Fan of the brand. Highly recommend to all

Borealis Estoril 300 GMT feedback

I am absolutely thrilled to own this watch! As a collector I own quite a few watches, but this Borealis Estoril 300 GMT is definitely one of my favorites. 😃👍

Borealis Estoril 300 GMT Lumed Dial Review

The watch arrived very well packaged. The pouch that the watch came in makes a very welcome change from other microbrands’ cheap plastic or fake leather. Good communication by the seller is always a good sign of a caring company. Onto the watch. Well finished with a combination of fine brushing and polishing. Very clear sapphire crystal. Legibility is good without being exceptional. After wearing it for 3 weeks, the movement has settled down to -2 seconds per day, personally I prefer a watch to run fast rather than slow, but the accuracy is very good either way, very happy and pleasantly surprised, as this is my first Miyota movement! The crown pops out with a solid click and jump, adjusting the date, gmt hand and time is pretty smooth, as is winding the watch. When screwing the crown back in it’s a little reluctant but this normally needs a little time to bed in properly. The bracelet is very comfortable but the quick adjustment at the clasp is stiff and sometimes difficult to move to the right position. This is not major but could be improved upon, also given time it will probably loosen up. The bezel has a very distinct rotation sound, very direct, no backplay and everything lines up perfectly. Better than watches at 4x the price, yes, looking at you Seiko! Onto the dial….I think the brand name could be a little bigger and a sharper font. The model name and GMT are a little small and cursive writing does not help. So bigger font and non cursive writing would, for me, be great. The date and date window along with the hands are very good. My only real concern, being someone that loves good lume is the fact that when you light up the lume, it is super bright but the hands fade first and then you’re left with a dial that has a very faint glow and you can no longer see the hands against the dial so you just can’t tell the time in the dark. I bought the watch because a fully lumed dial appealed to me, but it doesn’t really work. In hindsight a black dial would’ve been a better option. On the whole though I like my watch very much, wear it daily and am pretty happy especially considering the price. Would I recommend it to friends/family/colleagues, absolutely, but rather get a non fully lumed dial. Would I buy another Borealis, absolutely. A good watch with great value! My best wishes and continued success to Borealis and my compatriots in Lisbon.
Muito obrigado!

It's a keeper

I am delighted with my watch. It is incredible! Presidential bracelet with dive extension is a game changer. Just a classy and gloriously beautiful watch. Can't take it off my wrist. Very accurate movement. This watch just tick's all the boxes. Great legibility from every angle. I love it. Thankyou. The level of refinement is on another level. I totally trust this great Estoril gmt. I have even made 2 YouTube videos on this watch. I plan to do the same with my Seastorm mkII.

Nice Watch

The Borealis Estoril 300 GMT is very nicely put together, has a good movement in the Miyota 9075, and wears very comfortably thanks to the jubilee-style bracelet. While case finishing is nice, certain areas can be better refined - the milled coin-edge bezel can be sharp and abrasive, and the winding feel for the movement feels a little unrefined. That said, for USD500 it's a good buy and seems to be holding up well for now.

I am very satisfied

Good watch. Good price. Short delivery time. Good deal.

Bracelet quality

the watch itself seems to be fine ( i received it less than a week ago): runs accurately, works as advertised.
The bracelet feels scratchy like the links weren't machined well. also the links are loose and the bracelet rattles

Dear Slava,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our watch. We're glad to hear that the watch is functioning well and meeting your expectations in terms of its accuracy and advertised features.

We sincerely apologize for any discomfort caused by the bracelet. Your feedback regarding the scratchy feel and looseness of the links is very important to us. We strive for excellence in both the functionality and comfort of our products, and it seems we may have missed the mark in this instance.

We appreciate your cooperation in sending photos of the bracelet links. This will greatly assist our quality control team in understanding and resolving the issue. We are committed to ensuring that our products meet not only our high standards but also the expectations and comfort of our customers.

Please rest assured, we are here to help. Once we receive the photos, we will promptly investigate and propose a solution to address your concerns. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to making this right for you.

Thank you once again for your feedback, and we look forward to resolving this matter to your satisfaction.

Borealis Watch Company

A lovely strap, but loong

This is a lovely, very comfortable and well-made strap offered at a reasonable price. The service from Borealis was superb, with far quicker delivery to the UK than promised. The one and only negative (for me) is the strap's excessive length: it is too long for a 7 inch wrist. If Borealis offered a shorter version besides the standard one, this would be the perfect dive-watch strap for everyone.

Another great watch by Borealis. I own three now - and each one is better than the last. You cannot go wrong with an Estoril.

I have a few Borealis watches, but this might now be my favourite. The new on the fly clasp is sleek, well finished and works great. I love the white handset, yellow gmt and matte dial, very legible. This watch is a perfect size for my 7” wrist, wears even better than my Sintra, although this is a thicker watch. Lume is amazing, just feels at home on the wrist. Movement running less than +1 after couple days wear.

Absolutely gorgeous true GMT. Borealis make some of the best, most underated watches for the money. Highly recommend them. I also have the Random Rob limited edition Sintra. Another fantastic watch.

I actually got the green and red bezel, white face Portugal version. It is stunning, and it is a traveler’s GMT!

Borealis Sea Storm MK2 Random Rob Special Limited Edition

Very good strap

Very good Isofrane style strap from Borealis. I bought it to replace a strap with quick release bars, so I was disappointed to see that it came with no spring bars. Aside from that very good product and transaction.

I tried to send my comment about the watch but the system would not let me send due to the amount of information that they wanted from me so I did not send it but if this goes the watch is great and works very well thanks for a great watch bruce r garnett

Borealis strap

Nice strap. Good quality and comfortable to wear.

Not what I hopped for

The rubber is very thin at the connection to the watch and too wide to slide through the buckle. Also, there is minimum stretch so it can not be worn nice and tight, a requirement for swimming. Did not use long enough to know how it holds.

Great Comfort and Orange Pop on My Seiko SLA051 Uemura

I wanted to take off the polished bracelet on my Seiko SLA051 and replace it with a strap that has wrist presence and orange pop, so I got the Borealis and I'm impressed with the quality and comfort at this price point. I have a far more expensive version of this strap that is very uncomfortable and difficult to put on. I find the Borealis is far more pleasing to wear.