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Borealis Lusitano: A Chronicle of Time, Elegance, and Precision

Welcome to the world of the Borealis Lusitano, where every tick is a melody in the symphony of time, and every detail is a chapter in a timeless tale of elegance and precision.

A Timeless Elegance Encased in 39mm:

The Lusitano, with its 39mm case diameter, provides a generous canvas where the past and present converge to create a masterpiece of horological artistry.

The domed sapphire crystal whispers tales of classic watchmaking, offering a window into a world where every second is a precious melody and every glance is a journey through time.

Inspired by the iconic Pie Pan models from the 1950s and 60s, each timepiece in this collection is a harmonious blend of vintage aesthetics and modern horological advancements.

Beads of Rice Bracelet – A Legacy Draped Around Your Wrist:

Adorning your wrist with a classic "beads of rice" bracelet, each bead symbolizes a grain of timeless elegance, providing a tangible connection to an era where every detail was a symbol of sophistication and style.

A Symphony of Colors:

The dials, inspired by aged leather and available in hues of dark blue, black, grey, white, and salmon, paint every moment with colors that have echoed through the epochs, each shade a reflection of timeless elegance and the myriad possibilities that the future holds.

Precision, Housed in Elegance:

Ensuring every second is cradled with utmost precision, the Lusitano, powered by a Miyota 8315 automatic movement, offers a 60-hour power reserve and a hacking feature, becoming a guardian of moments and a scribe of memories, all encased in a brushed and polished intricate finish that speaks volumes about its meticulous craftsmanship.

Technical Aspects: A Symphony of Precision and Craftsmanship

  • Size and Form: The microbrand Borealis Lusitano, with a case diameter of 39mm and a lug-to-lug dimension of 47m, is crafted with distinctive dog-leg style lugs, ensuring a comfortable and elegant presence on the wrist with a thickness including the double domed sapphire crystal of 12.60mm.
  • Movement: Powered by a Miyota 8315 automatic movement, it offers a substantial 60-hour power reserve and a hacking feature, ensuring precision and reliability in every tick.
  • Crystal and Case: The domed sapphire crystal and 316L stainless steel case not only provide a robust and durable enclosure but also ensure that every glance at the time is a journey through a clear and timeless window.
  • Bracelet: The 316L stainless steel "beads of rice" bracelet, with a quick adjustment feature, ensures that the Lusitano is not only a comfortable fit but also a versatile companion for every adventure.

Embark on the Lusitano Odyssey:

The Borealis Lusitano invites you to embark on an odyssey where every tick is a step through time, every detail a chapter in a grand narrative, and every moment a precious bead in the infinite string of time.

Join us in this timeless journey with the Borealis Lusitano, where every detail is a verse in a timeless ballad, and every second is a note in an eternal symphony, crafting a melody that will echo through the corridors of time, forever and always.



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