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Best tropic strap under £50

I have the green and black boavista tropic straps and having never been a particular fan of a tropic ( I realise now because most are cheap nasty things look poor and perform badly) but having inherited a green Borealis boavista strap on a bought Seiko green Willard I am a convert. Love the soft pliable rubber and quality Matt sheen that gives this strap such a great look and feel. Liked it so much I bought the black one and it too does not disappoint. There are tropics out there at twice the price but I think you’d struggle to find anything that surpasses the quality, fit and feel of this Borealis tropic

Lost in post but refunded

Parcel was lost in post but when this was verified, I was refunded straight away.

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I sincerely apologize for the delay and the inconvenience it has caused you. We always aim to deliver a great experience, and we regret that we missed the mark.

I am personally looking into the status of your shipment and am in contact with our shipping partners to locate your parcel as promptly as possible. Please know that we are doing everything we can to resolve this issue swiftly.

We understand the frustration caused by delays, especially when tracking information is not updated. If your order does not arrive by an additional week please contact us and we will ensure you receive a full refund. We value your business and are committed to making this right.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Borealis Watch Company


Thank you :)

my order for strap

I don't know when you sent my strap order but I still haven't received anything. I don't know what happens on the way with the delivery. I hope to receive it soon.

Comfortable high quality watch

I'm new to watch collecting and some random searching brought me to this brand and model, I did my research as well as read other reviews and decided to roll the dice and couldn't be happier, for starters the watch is very comfortable even with the bracelet it came with it hugs the wrist well and is a joy to wear all day, the build quality is exceptional with much attention to detail from the case construction and silky smooth bezel action and the full face lume is always a treat to gaze at and to top it all off a crisp accurate movement this is one watch I'm proud to own and one day pass down

Borealis Sea Storm MK2 GMT Version BI Green Black Bezel Date

Lovely GMT adding a pop of summer colour to the collection

Lovely GMT - I saw the Gulf Racing colourway and had to add it to the collection! For the price - it’s a spec monster and good value. Miyota 9075, flyer GMT, 300m WR, very comfortable president bracelet and a terrific micro adjust clasp that I’d say is actually nicer than the Tudor t-fit system on my other watches. Lume is also one of the best I’ve seen.

What can Borealis improve? The photos on their marketing and website. Because the watches look much nicer than what the photos show. I’d love to see a purple bezel version, and also a black and white monochrome version.

It’s such a good looking watch great value for money

Excellent rubber strap for the money!

Excellent rubber strap for the money!

Excellent strap as usually with plenty of flex

I put this 24mm strap on a watch with 23mm lugs. I expected the strap to need trimming to fit but the rubber has enough flex to easily compress to fit this watch without trimming. If you need to fit a Borealis strap to an odd size watch you should definitely up size on the strap you purchase to the even size that Borealis offers. If you down size by 1mm you will see a small gap and the spring bar will be visible.

I'm very satisfied with this watch strap. It fits so much better than I expected on the 23mm lugs. The Navy blue is a great match for the Navy blue of the Blue Angels themed watches. I couldn't be happier.

I have 8-10 of these 1970s style dive straps and wear them on a variety of large cased watches, only 2 of which are dive watches. They are very comfortable and flexibl and look great. The pattern of the vent holes in the straps just looks "right" and the straps are thicker at the spring bars and thinner towards the ends for more comfort where it buckles underneath the wrist. As far as I can tell these Borealis straps are better than the more expensive brands. I wouldn't trade these for anything!

The staff at Borealis is also very helpful if they make a mistake on your order.

A Diver Killer

Montre à l'aspect robuste. Bien que s'agissant d'un hommage à la légendaire Blancpain, elle a le mérite d'avoir une identité qui lui est propre notamment grâce à la fonction GMT. Agréable à porter et paraît plus petite au poignet que ce que sa taille nous laisse deviner.
Le rapport qualité-prix est au rendez-vous. J'attends maintenant une collection 100% originale et pourquoi pas un chronographe.
Força Borealis, até breve.

Borealis Vulcanized Rubber Strap 20mm Grey

Borealis Vulcanized Rubber Strap 20mm Black

Fantastic piece - my new favourite

I am extremely pleased with my new Borealis Estorile 300. I have the one with the yellow and black bezel. This is now one of my favourite pieces in my collection (and that is praise indeed).
This is my first experience of a ‘true’ gmt and am getting along with it quite nicely. The appearance of the watch is great and the lume is something else! It easily lasts until morning.
I have no problems with recommending this watch to anyone

Thank you

The best microbrand on the market

I am 45 years old, collecting watches since 25 years ago. I have own nearly every watch under 10.000€ RRP.
Guess what?
The only watches in my collection are my Borealis watches and a Citizen Attesa Act Line.
Bravo Borealis! Magnificent job!
I will definitely buy another watch from you.
P.S. Still waiting for an integrated bracelet model!

Excellent price/quality balance

I am pleasantly surprised every time I buy a new Borealis watch. I have bought 5 so far and still counting...
Every one of them is working around +/-2s/day, which is Master Chronometer (Rolex) standard.
Congratulations to Borealis for accomplishing such a level of quality at the fairest prices you can find!

Cool and high quality GMT diver

Cool design, nicely made diver with GMT feature, 41.5 is just so perfect size idea. A lot of value for little money. Thank you, Borealis Team 👍😊

Loops don’t fit - customer service won’t help

The 24mm needs 22mm fastener loops, the 22mm needs 20mm loops, and there’s no solution for the 20mm dive strap as the loops it comes with are much better fit for the 22mm strap. Customer service just gives the BS runaround and won’t send (or even sell!) a set of loops so I can use the FOUR Borealis straps that I own…and have brought handfuls of customers to the company, yet nothing at all to help, just a lame 10% off offer so I could buy more from them…

Almost perfect

I have the Black dial with the Black and Red bezel, and as I said in the title it is almost the perfect gmt. The only two improvements I would make is to reduce the water resistance to 200m and then take about 2mm from the height of the case dropping down to less than 13mm. This is just my wishlist you may be interested in something else, but it truly is a beautiful watch and very comfortable to wear. The watch also has great lume easily lasting through the night. The other thing about Borealis is the people and the way that you are looked after, and the customer service is second to none there was a problem with the first watch I received and I was given permission for my local watchmaker to look at the watch but he didn't think it repairable, and when I contacted Borealis a new watch was sent the next post, plus when I asked for a printed address label for returning the original watch I was informed that I could keep it for spares. That in my humble opinion cannot be surpassed, superb service.

Value for money

My first Borealis but not my last. Really impressed with the quality of both bracelet and watch. The lume dial is super cool and glows all night. Bezel action is smooth and precise. The divers extension could use some attention as it is a bit difficult to use.

Estoril 300 GMT Red/Green: A Striking Microbrand Diver with Global Appeal

The Borealis Estoril 300 GMT Red/Green Bezel is a well-made, stylish, and functional GMT watch that offers excellent value for money. Its unique bezel, reliable movement, and versatility make it a great choice for watch enthusiasts and travelers alike.
Eye-catching Bezel: The star of the show is the red and green color scheme is vibrant and unique, reminiscent of a tropical paradise. It's not just for show, though; the bezel operates smoothly and precisely, making it a pleasure to use.
The heart of the Estoril 300 GMT is the reliable Miyota 9075 movement. This true GMT movement features an independently adjustable hand for tracking a second time zone, making it perfect for frequent travelers. The movement is known for its accuracy and durability, making it a solid choice for a daily wear watch.
With a screw-down crown and sapphire crystal, the Estoril 300 GMT is water-resistant to 300 meters, making it suitable for swimming, diving, and other water activities.
If you're looking for a striking and functional GMT watch that won't break the bank, the Borealis Estoril 300 Red/Green Bezel is definitely worth considering.

Don’t recommend their marketing strategy and customer service.