Borealis Estoril 300 GMT Lumed Dial Arabic Numbers Date Black Red Bezel Version J


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Introducing the Borealis Estoril 300 GMT: The Quintessence of Elegance and Precision for the Global Voyager

Immerse yourself in the refined craftsmanship of the Borealis Estoril 300 GMT, a distinctive piece from the prestigious microbrand Borealis Watch Company. Conceived with the perceptive world explorers and watch enthusiasts in mind, this elegant timepiece is furnished with the advanced Miyota 9075 True GMT movement, allowing effortless hour hand adjustment for impeccable tracking of multiple time zones.

The Estoril 300 GMT parades a captivating sapphire bezel, fortified with a bi-directional ball bearing mechanism, assuring smooth transitions across time zones with just a slight touch. This perfect marriage of elegance and functionality makes it the quintessential choice for intrepid globetrotters and astute professionals alike.

Navigate through dimly lit settings with the mighty BGW9 Superluminova, providing unparalleled visibility on all your expeditions. Achieving a remarkable balance between utility and sophistication, the Borealis Estoril 300 GMT establishes itself as the definitive microbrand timepiece for those who cherish both form and function.

Don't miss the chance to possess an extraordinary timepiece - the Borealis Estoril 300 GMT, your loyal ally in exploring new frontiers.

Watch Specifications:

  • Diameter: 41.50mm

  • Lug to Lug Length: 47mm

  • Thickness: 13.5mm (including domed sapphire crystal)

  • Case: 316L stainless steel with brushed and polished surfaces

  • Lug Width: 20mm

  • Movement: Miyota 9075 GMT

  • Water Resistance: 300m

  • Crystal: Domed Sapphire with inner AR coating

  • Bezel: Bi-directional with ball bearings, Sapphire Crystal

  • Lume: Superluminova BGW9

  • Bracelet: 316L stainless steel bracelet with screws and an updated quick-adjust clasp

Journey into the world of refined exploration with the Borealis Estoril 300 GMT - a symbol of the audacious spirit of the Borealis microbrand. More than a mere timepiece, it embodies your relentless passion for adventure.




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Customer Reviews

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성재 이
굉장히 좋은 여행용GMT 시계라고 생각함.

베젤 야광 밝기와 인덱스 야광이 많이 아쉬움으로 남음. 밝기가 좀더 밝고 오래 갔으면 좋겠습니다.
다른 부분에서의 시계는 충분히 퀄리티도 좋고 이전의 오마주 했던 시계를 닮아 많은 부분을 충족하는 시계입니다.
데일리로 매일 차는 시계이고 시간을 정확하게 알수 있을 정도로 오차도 적네요


Great watch very impressive

Ryan S.
Fantastic watch, part 2!

I purchased this version with date and also a black/black no-date. Just as with the other version, the fit and finish are top notch. I love the bracelet and the tool-less micro adjust inside the clasp. The bezel rotates with a resounding click with no extra play. I love the black outlines on the hands on this version. The full lume dial is almost like a flashlight at night- it's bright! The Miyota movement is a true traveler's GMT with a jumping hour hand that is easy to adjust. The colors on the bezel gets lots of attention on this version.
Only one thing perplexes me on the date version: there is not any way to independently set the date from the GMT hand. My date changes at 12 and not 24. And with no quick-set function for the date, if it's been a few weeks since wearing it last, you'll be spinning the crown endlessly to set the correct date. A minor annoyance on that part, but I wish the date could be set independent from the GMT hand. Maybe I'm just missing something.

선환 나
good watch!!

this watch is very interesting!!
True GMT function’s working very well

Sergio Geraldo
Borealis Estoril 300 GMT Lumed Dial Review

The watch arrived very well packaged. The pouch that the watch came in makes a very welcome change from other microbrands’ cheap plastic or fake leather. Good communication by the seller is always a good sign of a caring company. Onto the watch. Well finished with a combination of fine brushing and polishing. Very clear sapphire crystal. Legibility is good without being exceptional. After wearing it for 3 weeks, the movement has settled down to -2 seconds per day, personally I prefer a watch to run fast rather than slow, but the accuracy is very good either way, very happy and pleasantly surprised, as this is my first Miyota movement! The crown pops out with a solid click and jump, adjusting the date, gmt hand and time is pretty smooth, as is winding the watch. When screwing the crown back in it’s a little reluctant but this normally needs a little time to bed in properly. The bracelet is very comfortable but the quick adjustment at the clasp is stiff and sometimes difficult to move to the right position. This is not major but could be improved upon, also given time it will probably loosen up. The bezel has a very distinct rotation sound, very direct, no backplay and everything lines up perfectly. Better than watches at 4x the price, yes, looking at you Seiko! Onto the dial….I think the brand name could be a little bigger and a sharper font. The model name and GMT are a little small and cursive writing does not help. So bigger font and non cursive writing would, for me, be great. The date and date window along with the hands are very good. My only real concern, being someone that loves good lume is the fact that when you light up the lume, it is super bright but the hands fade first and then you’re left with a dial that has a very faint glow and you can no longer see the hands against the dial so you just can’t tell the time in the dark. I bought the watch because a fully lumed dial appealed to me, but it doesn’t really work. In hindsight a black dial would’ve been a better option. On the whole though I like my watch very much, wear it daily and am pretty happy especially considering the price. Would I recommend it to friends/family/colleagues, absolutely, but rather get a non fully lumed dial. Would I buy another Borealis, absolutely. A good watch with great value! My best wishes and continued success to Borealis and my compatriots in Lisbon.
Muito obrigado!