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Voici le Sea Storm MK2 GMT.

Une montre conçue pour ceux qui aiment la vie, l'aventure et qui ne regardent jamais en arrière.

Les aventuriers peuvent toujours trouver le temps de profiter de ce plongeur automatique avec son insert de lunette en saphir et son Superluminous BG fabriqué en SuisseW9 Superluminova appliqué sur le cadran, les aiguilles de la montre et la lunette en saphir.

Le verre saphir à double dôme garantit également une expérience visuelle claire. Planifiez votre prochaine grande aventure avec Borealis.

La montre Sea Storm MK2 GMT est alimentée par un mouvement automatique Seiko TMI NH34 qui peut résister à presque tout ce que le monde a à offrir, avec une précision de -25 ~ +35 s/jour et un impressionnant 30 bars ou 300 m d'eau résistance.

  • Taille du boîtier : 41,50 mm x 48,50 mm
  • Couronne vissée
  • Verre saphir à double dôme avec revêtement A/R à l'intérieur
  • Lunette unidirectionnelle 120 clics avec double dôme saphir Super Lume BGW9 appliqué aux index
  • Mouvement automatique Seiko NH34 GMT
  • Boîtier en acier inoxydable 316L
  • Largeur des pattes : 20,00 mm
  • Résistance à l'eau : 300 mètres
  • Hauteur du boîtier : 14,15 mm
  • Swiss Made Superluminous BGW9 Superluminova appliqué sur le cadran, les aiguilles de la montre et la lunette en saphir
  • Mains bâtons
  • Fond vissé avec sirène gravée
  • 12 mois garantie
Réalisation attendue de la précommande

La livraison de la précommande devrait avoir lieu en mars/avril 2023, bien que des retards imprévus puissent survenir.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mark Stead
get bracelet sorted out!

I have been following your brand for some time and have been impressed by the favourable reviews so was delighted when I acquired the new Sea Storm. I have been wearing it and have received positive responses from friends however, when I put it on my watchwinder I came back in the morning to find the bracelet had come apart. There were three screws in the links which had loosened one to the extent that the bracelet had parted. I wrote to complain and received the reply that I should apply loctite to the screws to ensure this didn't happen. I have bought many watches over the years but not once have I been told that I need to dismantle the bracelet before I wore it! Had I been wearing the watch there is a very good chance I could have lost it or it could have been damaged if it fell to the floor. I consider this to be poor (also no 1mm screwdriver supplied so have had to use my 1.5mm from another watch which made the job more difficult.

Nesar Sultani
Fantastic watch!

When Seiko 5 GMT was offered I wasn’t pleased, I was expecting it in Seiko Prospex line. When Borealis offered their GMT watch powered by NH34 I immediately purchased it as pre-order.
I like the quality of the watch, it is much better quality then my any Seiko Turtle, Samurai or Monster which I bought at similar price.
Great quality for the price.

Stephen Lewis
Great Looking Panda!

I love my Sea Storm GMT, it's attracted comments from my friends and it's a comfortable affordable GMT.

Horia Mocanu
In love with the Storm (Part 2)

No comment this time. Just pictures for the previous review 😁

Horia Mocanu
In love with the Storm

When I first saw the preview of the SeaStorm Mk2 I just fall in love with it and ordered the Panda right away. As it turns out I could not resist the green/black version since I am sort of a green passionate so I ordered that too. After some months waiting, they both arrived as promised and boy did, they deliver. The quality is absolutely amazing, it feels premium. Great finishing. The screwed-in links are easy to manipulate and the ceramic is soooo smooth. Lume, especially on the full-lumed dial is beautiful. And since I loved it so much, I ended up getting a good deal from a third party on the Coffee dial too :). So now I have been hit by three storms.
I would not recommend it for the skinny wrist though as it is a rather chunky heavy watch. You know what...you should try anyway, maybe on the rubber strap. Something like this is too good to be missed.
The overall experience with Borealis was very professional.